To view and test new games and to meet influencers from the game scene

To view and test new games and to meet influencers from the game scene

According to the survey, almost one in two (46 percent) plays video or computer games at least occasionally. This number has increased slightly compared to previous years: in 2019 it was 43 percent, in 2018 it was 42 percent.

For many gamers, this is more than just a hobby, May emphasized: "37 percent can no longer imagine a life without video and computer games." For men, at 40 percent, this assessment is somewhat more pronounced than for women (34 percent) – and for 16 to 29-year-old gamers (45 percent) it is significantly more pronounced than for over 65-year-old video game players (19 percent) .

From an economic point of view, the importance of the gaming industry for the German economy is still manageable. Around 30,000 jobs in Germany are associated with it, said Bitkom managing director Bernhard Rohleder. "We are mainly dealing with an import market." Around five percent of sales come from German game manufacturers. "There is still room for improvement."

The video game fair Gamescom is fighting back its place as a fair for new game announcements. At the opening night live there were several premieres to see.

These games are celebrating their world premiere at Gamescom
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New games, new gameplay scenes – Gamescom (August 20th to 24th) has reinvented itself to a certain extent. At the opening ceremony on Monday evening, there were a number of new game scenes from games that had already been announced. Moderator Geoff Keighley also had some real premieres in the program. Here is an overview:


THQ Nordic ventures into a new part of the helicopter simulation "Comanche" about the legendary RAH-66 Comanche attack helicopter. The new edition is an online multiplayer game, the first scenes of the game show slight borrowings from the familiar "World of Tanks" or "World of Warships" with quick duels against drones and attack helicopters. The game is scheduled to begin with an early access phase in early 2020. The last one so far "Comanche"Part was released in 2002.


"Kerbal Space Program 2" is a different kind of space construction kit with little green men, rockets, space and moon stations. Players design space vehicles, discover and build new celestial bodies. Spectacular accidents and mishaps are inevitable. The space building set game for creative hobbyists should appear in 2020.


Bandai Namco teaches fans of "Little Nightmares" the creeps again. The little girl in the yellow coat is back and is going in "Little Nightmares 2" experience new horror stories. The puzzle adventure with goosebumps atmosphere is announced for 2020. New in the second part: The heroine should be a little more defensive. But it shouldn’t become a Rambo, say the developers.

Lots of game rounds

Turn-based strategy is back. In "Human child" it is about nothing less than the whole of human history. The Sega and Amplitude game scenes shown at Gamescom show the style of the "Civilization"Series, a trailer film with a Neanderthal man in a space capsule gives hope for more. "Human child" should be published in 2020.

Deep space

There is even more space "Everspace 2" by Rockfish Games. The space simulation should bring new space battles, flights through asteroid and debris fields and over planetary surfaces. The open world adventure should be bigger than its predecessor and offer a storage option. Although the game has not been announced until 2021, the Hamburg developers are showing the first game scenes this year.

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"Halo", but different

"Disintegration" picks up on a familiar topic.word choice in an argumentative essay should be The earth is occupied by aliens, the rest of humanity takes up arms and takes up the fight. "Disintegration" is a shooter with a high degree of tactics and a focus on multiplayer games. Each player must use the special abilities of their own character to lead the team to victory. The new title on which too "Halo"-Inventor Marcus Lehto is involved, should appear in 2020.

New hunting grounds

Not new, but new to the Switch is the witcher Geralt. "The Witcher 3" comes as a full edition on October 15th on Nintendo’s hybrid console. The age rating is 18 years.

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Star Wars, Medal of Honor or The Sims: At the Gamescom video game fair, the most important new releases were mostly old friends. A selection of the most exciting titles of the 2020 game year.

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The coronavirus crisis does not stop at Gamescom either: Due to the global epidemic, the organizers moved the most important public games fair to the Internet from the Cologne exhibition halls weeks ago: This year it will take place purely digitally. On Thursday evening, as part of the two-hour video show "Opening Night Live" many new game hits presented. The main titles of the opening show:

"Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart"

One of the few games at the event that hinted at the potential of the next generation of consoles: The colorful action adventure full of humor is wonderfully animated and staged. The developers promise to get along completely without loading times and thus to use the technical capabilities of the Playstation 5 coming in autumn.

Coming for Playstation 5 in late 2020 / early 2021.

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"Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War"

The 17th part of the action game series transports players back to the Cold War era. Starting with the conflict in Vietnam through to the hunt for a Soviet spy, gunfire is going on around the globe on behalf of US President Ronald Reagan. Manufacturer Activision also promises a close connection with the current online game hit "Warzone".

From November 13th for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

"Star Wars: Squadrons"

The space spectacle received the award for best action game from Gamescom. Who hasn’t always wanted to jet through space like Luke Skywalker? Players fly for both the Empire and the Rebels as the story progresses. Accompanied by the well-known bombast soundtrack of the films, virtual pilots throw themselves into the exciting missions and switch off enemy planes and defenses.

From October 2nd for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

"The Sims 4 trip to Batuu"

The life simulation "The Sims 4" receives a galactic expansion: The Sims will soon also take part in the Star Wars – in their very special way. Here, as Sims characters, players lead a life behind the scenes of the Star Wars universe. They dress in the style of well-known heroes, get a lightsaber and design their own droid.

From September 8th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

"Wasteland 3"

The mix of role play and strategy game puts players in a crude post-apocalyptic world. While dialogues and assignments advance the plot and development of the characters in a typical role-play manner, the battles get down to business. There, gamers have to prove their strategic skills and assert themselves against tough opponents in order to overthrow a dictator.

Starting August 28 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

"Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond"

The action game takes players back to World War II. In France they fight as members of the Résitance against the German occupiers, take part in D-Day and prevent the launch of the V2 rockets. The single player adventure sends gamers behind enemy lines and, thanks to virtual reality, offers many opportunities to interact with the environment.

Coming for Oculus Rift in late 2020.

"Unknown 9"

The biggest surprise of the evening was the announcement of this adventure game, which is set in India. A little girl named Haroona apparently has supernatural mental powers which she uses against real and mystical attackers. In addition to the outstanding graphics, the great background music of the new insider tip is also striking.

For PC, Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, still undated.

"Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War": The Cold War flares up again in autumn Without a cuddle factor: Gamescom is taking place exclusively digitally for the first time. Preview: The ‘Flight Simulator 2020’ is so realistic

The Gamescom video game fair usually takes place in Cologne and is the largest video game fair that is open to general visitors. This year the event was completely moved to the Internet due to the corona epidemic.

Gamescom has been running since Tuesday and is again attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors to the cathedral city. The hype surrounding the world’s largest gamer fair causes prices for hotel rooms in Cologne and the surrounding area to skyrocket every year. But there are alternatives.

Cologne is currently colorful and flashy again. It’s Gamescom time. The organizers are expecting around 350,000 visitors. A mega event for the city of Cologne.

The hotel owners know that too, of course. The demand for overnight stays is enormous and is causing prices to skyrocket. According to "Cologne tourism" hotel rooms are currently available for 200 to 600 euros, depending on the location and comfort. It doesn’t look much better with the private offers on online portals such as or Airbnb. The offers for short-term overnight stays are between 170 and 600 euros for the former and 80 to 200 euros for the latter.

But there are cheaper alternatives that many Gamescom visitors now use extensively. If you have a caravan or a mobile home, you can use the P21 parking area in the immediate vicinity of the exhibition center. The location under the motorway and between all the feeder roads to the exhibition center is not particularly nice, but at 10 euros per day and parking space, this offer is very cheap in comparison.

2,000 guests at Gamescom camp

The operators of the Gamescom camp call it Europe’s largest gaming tent camp. And a look over the area at the Cologne Youth Park, around 500 meters north of the fair, makes you believe this claim. Tent after tent stands here on the meadow of the small Rhine peninsula. "We have 2,000 guests per day of the fair and are therefore fully booked. The people come from over 25 countries, most of them from Germany, Switzerland and Austria", explains co-organizer Michael Kastens from the agency that organizes the tent camp. A night in a tent camp costs 35 euros.

A tent city: The overnight stay in the camp costs only 35 euros, compared to the hotel prices at the time of the trade fair. (Source: Dierk Himstedt)

There is a so-called action arena, of course with WiFi, where you can play on the computer or console. But also a basketball court, table football, chill areas and a large campfire place make the camp a social experience, as Kastens explains. "There are communities who know each other from online games and meet here every year in the camp to exchange ideas"he says. 

"Here you are among game nerds"

Dany, Maria, Alexander, Maximilian and Sven, all around 20 or in their twenties, are in camp for the first time and are thrilled. They come from Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt. They know each other from elementary school and are now distributed in different cities. Gaming keeps the group together. "Here you are just among game nerds. Everyone is equally crazy. You can always chat about what fascinates you about the games. That is fun"says Maria, who is also a cosplayer.

Friends are sitting around a grill: The troop is in the Gamescom camp for the first time and is enthusiastic about the atmosphere. (Source: Dierk Himstedt)

They have already been to the fair, they continue. To view and test new games and to meet influencers from the game scene. "Maria is crazy. She queued for two hours yesterday for an autograph. Not my thing", confesses Alexander. Yes, queuing for hours is annoying. "But once you’re inside, it’s worth it. I really wanted to try ‘Borderlands 3’. And Sven ‘Iron Harvest’. Real highlights", says Maximilian.

Gamername is often nicknamed

Next door, the group around Sven (28), also called Gisi, made themselves comfortable. They have built a kind of castle with their tents and sit protected in their open-air living room. They have known each other for around six years and met at the Gamescom camp. In this group, too, the male gamblers are almost among themselves: the ratio is six to one.

Gamers sit in a circle around camping tables: the group around Gisi (r.) Met at the Gamescom camp. (Source: Dierk Himstedt)

No problem for Gisi. "We’re all gamers"he says with a laugh. Gisi is his online gamer name. "I’ve had it since elementary school. So I just took it over"he says. For many it is the other way around. The gamer names become nicknames in real life.

Gamescom in the live ticker: Microsoft brings "Age of Empires 2" backComputer game fair: Big crowd at the opening of Gamescom

"For us, playing is part of our life, at least for those present here"he laughs at everyone. The great thing about the camp is that you can relax here after the exhausting mass and hang out with friends. That is unique.

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